Accenture: The Company

Accenture is a global leading outsourcing, technology services, and management consulting firm that employs more than 211,000 consultants in 120 countries. In Australia, Accenture employs 2,700 professionals and is one of the top players in the management consulting sector. The company's services include strategy consulting, talent, finance & performance management, supply chain management, system integration, technology consulting, and customer relationship management. Accenture has offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Consulting jobs at Accenture

Accenture recruits consultants with skills in business analysis and strategy, change management, contract management, ERP, records & data management, and a variety of other fields. The company holds the main graduate recruiting campaign in March, but may also recruit graduates all-year round due to its rapid growth. Only Australian citizens and permanent residents in the country are considered for graduate roles. Accenture will usually consider graduates with a minimum average grade of 65% or credit who have leadership potential and achieve in the top 20% of their peer group.

Graduate hires join Accenture as Analysts and typically get promoted to Consultants 24 to 30 months later, and then to Managers three years later. Top achievers with years of experience in a broad range of fields and industries are eventually considered for Senior Executive positions.

Accenture offers experienced hires a range of career opportunities in technology services, consulting, business process and IT outsourcing. The company works on many significant and high-profile projects in Australia (the e-health system, smart grids, the National Broadband Network) and has clients from every major industry sector.

Other than a structured training program and opportunities to work with top technology experts, the company offers career counselling and mentorship programs to its consultants, as well as more than 20,000 online courses, flexible working arrangements, telecommuting and job sharing.

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Accenture started out as the business and technology arm of accounting company Arthur Andersen, from which it split off in 1989 as Andersen Consulting. Over the next decade, Andersen Consulting had earned net revenues that exceeded those of Arthur Andersen, which resulted in tension between the two companies as the more profitable unit was contractually obligated to pay 15% of its profits to the other.

The contractual ties between the two were finally broken in 2000 in an arbitration settlement, and Andersen Consulting was required to change its name. The company formally became Accenture on January 1, 2001. The name, supposedly derived from the phrase ''accent on the future'' was submitted in an internal competition by a Danish employee employed at the company's office in Oslo, Norway.

Accenture changed its place of incorporation from Bermuda to Ireland in 2009 and remains headquartered in Dublin. The company's net revenues for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2010, totalled $21.6 billion.