The Boston Consulting Group: The company

The Boston Consulting Group is one of the world's most prestigious consulting firms and the world leader in business strategy consulting. It employs about 4,800 consultants worldwide and has 71 offices in 41 countries.

BCG Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) was established over 20 years ago, in 1990, when local strategy consulting firm Pappas, Carter, Evans and Koop joined BCG. The offices in Auckland and Melbourne were opened the same year. The company has since grown into a market leader in the region and has been named Best Consulting Firm and Most Innovative Firm in ANZ by Business Review Weekly. Other than Auckland and Melbourne, BCG ANZ also has offices in Canberra, Perth and Sydney.

Consulting jobs at The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is an excellent place for graduates to launch their careers. In 2011, the company was ranked second on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list and has been ranked in the top dozen for six consecutive years.

BCG recruits mainly for Consultant and Associate jobs and, less frequently, for Project Leader, Principal and Partner. Other than undergraduates and MBAs, the company also hires advanced degree holders in disciplines other than business, such as engineering, law, liberal arts and science. They usually get training in business fundamentals and join the firm at Consultant level.

BCG consultants get a variety of career development opportunities at the company, from on-the-job apprenticeships and personalized training to personal career advisors who guide their career development. Flexibility in working arrangements is also a strong point for BCG. Consultants can take leaves of absence between projects or switch to working part time when they need to without this weighing on their overall career progression.

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The Boston Consulting Group was founded by former Bible salesman and Harvard Business School student Bruce D. Henderson in Boston in 1963. At the time, the company was the Management and Consulting Division of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, a subsidiary of The Boston Company. Henderson had left Harvard before graduation to work for Westinghouse Corporation, where he went on to become vice president – one of the youngest VPs in the company's history – and then moved on to Arthur D. Little before being recruited by The Boston Company and starting the one-man consulting unit for the Boston bank. BCG became independent of The Boston Company in 1975, when Henderson arranged an employee stock ownership plan.

Since its inception, the company has developed some of the key concepts that are widely used in the industry today, among them time-based competition, the growth-share matrix, experience curve and advantage matrix.

Today, BCG ranks as one of America's Largest Private Companies according to Forbes magazine and has many of the world's 500 largest companies for clients.