Partners in Performance: The company

Partners in Performance (PIP) is a global consulting company that specialises in performance improvement and delivers rapid, sustainable results to industrial, manufacturing, resource and service firms. The company is based in Sydney. PIP consultants do not only make recommendations to clients, but work with them on implementing changes and making sure the implementations work and provide benefit to the clients' businesses. Partners in Performance prides itself on the fact that, on average, it takes less than a month for clients to see payback for their investment in PIP's business consulting services.

PIP consultants call themselves Resultants and have extensive experience in implementation and operations management. They offer their clients training, which makes it easier for businesses to make performance improvement part of their company culture. A PIP team typically consists of a Senior Engagement Manager, several Area Engagement Managers, two Business Analysts (employed either by PIP or the client) per each Area Engagement Manager, and a Principal who oversees the assignment.

Consulting jobs at PIP

Partners in Performance has three divisions: Resultant Division, Transaction Services Division and Investment Division. PIP consultants work in a number of areas, from strategy, costs, procurement, debottlenecking and safety to organisational culture and environment consulting. The company offers several key lines of service: productivity enhancement, procurement and contractor management, systematic cost reduction, shutdown efficiency and maintenance effectiveness.

PIP is growing fast and always looking for new talent. PIP consultants get great coaching and other career development tools and personal development programs at the firm, as well as plenty of opportunities to work on challenging assignments. This makes the company an excellent place to start one's consulting career.

The recruitment process at PIP is a rigorous one. It consists of an introductory job interview and three subsequent interviews, conducted either face-to-face or over the phone, each lasting about 90 minutes.

The company recruits people from a wide range of backgrounds; undergraduates and graduates, consultants with 2-10 years of experience at top-tier management consulting firms, experienced hires (e.g. line and senior managers), and front line coaches with experience in training, supervising and developing management operating systems.

New hires join the company at different levels, depending on their background and experience, from Associate, Senior Associate to Manager, Associate Principal and Principal.

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Partners in Performance was founded in 1996 and has since built a strong reputation for offering fully implemented performance improvements to businesses across a variety of industry sectors. Over the last decade, the consultancy has worked on projects in Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.