Third Horizon Consulting Partners: The Company

Third Horizon Consulting Partners is an Australian management consulting firm that specialises in business strategy and transformation consulting. It is one of the few vendor-independent consultancy firms capable of tackling large-scale change initiatives. The company maintains a vendor-neutral perspective and advises clients based on rigorous business analysis, which allows Third Horizon consultants to deliver the best solutions and add sustainable value to their clients' businesses.

Third Horizon has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. It also operates out of two international offices, one in London and the other in Hong Kong. The company offers services across a wide range of sectors, from government, financial, and infrastructure & energy services to media & telecommunications, industrial & consumer goods, and property & construction services.

Consulting jobs at Third Horizon

Third Horizon has four main lines of service: Strategy, Transaction, Transformation and Technology. The company's consultants work in collaborative teams across diverse projects and are constantly challenged by new assignments. The consultancy is growing quickly, which is why it always looks for creative, dynamic, motivated new people to add to its talent pool. Third Horizon's consultants have a great deal of experience in business strategy and planning, merger integration and transformation and transition management, and the company is a great place to start a career for any consultant or graduate looking to specialise in any of these areas.

Consultants' career progression at Third Horizon depends mainly on their success and ability to deliver long-term results to their clients. The career path goes from Analyst, Associate and Senior Associate to Manager, Associate Director and Director.

Other than analytical and problem solving skills, the qualities Third Horizon looks for in job candidates are passion, integrity, frankness, and desire to follow projects through to the end.

Consultants working at Third Horizon get professional training, career resources, mentoring, and all the flexibility they need to be successful in fulfilling their personal ambitions. The company understands the importance that work-life balance plays in personal success and, by extension, in the company's long-term success as well.

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Third Horizon Consulting Partners was founded in 2004 by former partners of global consultancies who wanted to offer their clients innovative solutions and strategies with sustainable, lasting impact on the clients' businesses and to improve their operations and performance. The company has since earned a reputation for its collaborative, pragmatic, results-oriented approach to challenges and implementation of business solutions. It opened its first international office in Hong Kong in November 2009 and the second in London in May 2010.