Velrada: The company

Velrada is an international consulting firm that specialises in the management of complex business information, process improvement, business transformation, and organisational change. The company's core services are business consulting, solution architecture, capital projects, system integration and product development, and its areas of expertise include Enterprise Information Management, Business Solutions & IT Allignment, Environmental Information Management and Supply Chain Operations Optimisation.

Based in Perth, Australia, the consultancy supports clients by providing them with top notch enterprise technology solutions and improving their business systems management capabilities. Velrada consultants design and apply integrated information engineering and improve businesses' operational efficiency and compliance, and reduce exposure to risk.

Velrada has extensive experience across a variety of industry sectors – Government, Engineering, Utilities, Environmental Information Management, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, to name a few – and encourages the sharing of knowledge and active learning among its consultants.

Consulting jobs at Velrada

Velrada encourages innovative solutions and constantly provides its consultants with opportunities to tackle new challenges and build upon their existing skills and knowledge. The company encourages creativity and open communication, allowing everyone's ideas to be heard, and offers a number of work benefits to its consultants, respecting their work-life balance.

When recruiting new consultants, Velrada considers not only the candidates' experience, education and skills, but also their maturity of thought and pragmatism. New employees have a variety of career development tools at their disposal and are provided with generous training time. The company also has a mentoring program in place to support the consultants' guided experience-learning.

The recruitment process consists of a phone interview, during which the interviewer (usually a person working in a similar role) assesses the applicant's technical skills and proficiency and then decides whether or not to bring the candidate in for an in-person job interview. The second interview is designed to assess the candidate's problem solving and analytical thinking skills, behavioral abilities and, for technical roles, software engineering skills.

Almost every job candidate talks to at least two people at Velrada, to a potential colleague and someone in a management position, which makes the interview process slightly longer, but keeps Velrada employees actively involved in the recruitment process, from which the company draws great benefit.

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Velrada Capital Pty Ltd.was founded in 2009 by Robert Evans, who continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Before establishing Velrada, Evans was Managing Director of Australian national business consulting and systems integration firm Change Corporation.

Velrada is headquartered in Perth and has an additional office in Cloisters Square.