Consultants/ Project Manager - UK

Associate roles: £375 - £475 per day plus expenses

Managementors is a niche consultancy firm focusing on remote workforces; back office processing and call centre operations. We implement change and performance solutions that help realise business advantage for our clients, generating productivity improvements that directly relate to savings at the bottom line. As a results-based consultancy, we enable substantial quality improvements in all facets of any service industry organisation.

Simultaneously, we generate operational cost savings - over thirty percent in some cases. But that's not all. We transform people's behaviours so they are equipped to meet current and future challenges. We achieve this through education, coaching and skills transfer so this is a hands on role - you will not be sitting in an office writing reports. Creating a lasting legacy of performance improvement for every organisation we work with. At Managementors we implant the attitudes, processes and management knowledge that ensure new ways of working become an achievable reality.

To help us achieve ambitious growth targets we are looking for project managers and consultants to start at short notice. We have projects starting in IT and FM environments so experience of one of these is essential. Ideally you will also have experience of Process and Operating System mapping as well as 'Day in the Life of' type studies. Upcoming projects will be across Europe with a focus on the UK.


To apply by email to this position, please send your CV and covering letter to the following link:, quoting reference number: TCTCC/2904019