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Housing Officer Public Sector - Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom,

Hunterskill Recruitment are currently seeking a Housing Officer to work for their busy client in Milton Keynes.

Job Description:

To ensure all private sector housing in Milton Keynes is safe, habitable and well maintained. To meet specific requirements contained within relevant legislation and council policies, procedures and processes with regards to compliance and enforcement of legislation. To inspect dwellings and administer awards under housing assistance schemes. To undertake investigations to establish the condition of premises and ensure compliance under the Housing Act 2004, including inspection of empty private sector properties. To produce detailed schedules of work to ensure compliance with all legislation and regulation including the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. To undertake enforcement work and to ensure that standards of premises meet agreed specification. Where relevant to be the lead professional on a key regulation subject area to ensure the processes and staff are kept up to date with current legislation and best practice.

Key Objectives:

  • To ensure the highest quality of private sector housing in Milton Keynes by undertaking investigations, inspections and enforcement activities in response to complaints and enquiries, ensuring that government and council policies, objectives, plans, priorities and legislation are successfully implemented.
  • Partnership arrangements deliver improved services, meet legal obligations and improve responses to a wide range of requests for assistance.
  • To prepare cases for prosecution and attend court when necessary and to ensure that evidence is presented accurately and appropriately. To ensure that breaches of legislation are identified and reported on accurately and appropriately.
  • To investigate empty properties and to take all the necessary action to bring properties back into use.
  • To ensure that the HMO licensing scheme is applied correctly.
  • To ensure that the flexible loan and grant schemes are applied correctly.


Private sector housing is a large and complex area of work. It interfaces with many agencies. In these relationships the officer will negotiate and influence individuals and groups so that legislation can be used to the advantage of residents and visitors. The post holder will need to explain policies and legislation in order to ensure that people comply with these requirements; in addition they will need to instruct counsel to deal with complex legal cases. The post holder will be required to carry out detailed inspections and complex investigations following complaints and enquiries. They will be required to write complex and detailed schedules of work, prepare and serve formal notices and undertake enforcement activities including attendance at court.

Work Profile:

  • To maintain a comprehensive level of understanding of legislative, social and technical changes across the full range of issues affecting the operation of the team.
  • Undertake complex inspection programmes, investigations and other enforcement actions relevant to the post, Instigating action within departmental policy, procedures, legislation and guidance.
  • Inspecting and taking follow-up action for the HMO Licensing scheme including providing advice and support.
  • Act as service representative on working groups or other bodies and attend meetings accordingly. Prepare and disseminate information to the service on updates to legislation or procedures as appropriate.
  • Enforcing standards in accordance with legislation and where necessary attending and giving evidence in criminal proceedings.
  • Preparing detailed schedules of work including the preparation of legal notices.
  • Give opinion regarding what action should be taken against those in breach of legislation, having regard to the enforcement policy.
  • Assist the manager to work with the media and other stakeholders to publicise the work and achievements of the team.
  • Ensuring correct application of the flexible home loan scheme and application of the Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing scheme.
  • The role demands building networks of contacts among stakeholders, and initiating and developing positive and ethical relationships to help get the work done, by employing suitable interpersonal skills and communicating effectively.
  • The role holder will need to consult customers to improve the service so that it meets needs at the required standard, and keep them involved in changes and developments that may affect them.
  • The role invites contributions to improving the service by providing suggestions and feedback on working methods to improve performance, leading by example and being open to ideas on how to improve the current methods and levels of service
  • Where the role identifies a customer with vulnerabilities, they will liaise with statutory and voluntary bodies including health, social care, probation and police in relation to the welfare of the customer. This may involve attendance at a case conference or other multi agency meetings.
  • The role holder will be expected to spend time in other teams to gain a deeper insight into related areas of work and bring their learning back to the team and in their own work, including presenting findings to others. They will also be involved in mapping, testing and developing new flows of work as required.

The job is a 3 month contract.

Immediate start avaliable for the right candidate! Send in your CV or call .